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5 Qualities You Need to Succeed in the Fintech Industry

Posted by Colleen Judge on (September 10, 2019)


The growth of financial technology is unparalleled when compared to other industries. In fact, most financial services companies are investing in more than one area of fintech. Whether in e-commerce, consumer banking or security management, there is a broad array of different areas all categorized under the fintech umbrella. With more and more companies switching to financial technologies, the industry continues to expand at a rapid, unprecedented pace. For many, this sparks innovation as well as research & development (R&D). Even further, it creates more job opportunities. 

The reality is that "fintech” has opened up new doors for financial and information technology (IT) professionals. So, what qualities do you need to succeed in the fintech industry?  

BE ADAPTABLE: It is important to recognize that technological advancements are speedy and quite often, unexpected. For instance, you may have used your Blackberry phone for years and swore you’d never switch to any other device. But then, you blink and suddenly everyone has smartphones (including yourself). Technological advancements alongside creative destruction is natural and it won’t stop. To be a part of the fintech industry, you can’t ignore the “tech” side. This side is undoubtedly filled with constant innovation and rapid transformations - all of which you must not only be comfortable with, but also embrace. 

BE FORWARD-THINKING: The fintech industry is all about innovation. Our job is to improve the current business functions and processes in the financial services sector. To build better, impactful solutions it is imperative to be forward-thinking or even “leap forward-thinking.” This is because a fintech product or service is never the best it can possibly be. As soon as version 2.0 comes out, it’s time to start thinking about 3.0, and so on. You have to be able to ask yourself: How can we make our fintech products and services better in the future? What can we do to make that happen?

HAVE A STRONG WORK ETHIC: Although financial technology has proved to be lucrative businesses, competition is quite fierce. The only way to keep up with the nature of the industry and its constant changes is to work hard and put in 110% effort each and every day.

BE A TEAM PLAYER: Building a fintech product and/or service is a complex task. It requires different personalities, backgrounds, skill sets and knowledge from team members to produce a meaningful final product. It is essential to recognize both your own strengths as well as the strengths of others to effectively collaborate. As they say, teamwork makes the dream work! 

BE A PROBLEM SOLVER: Without a doubt, you will encounter your fair share of obstacles. But especially with fintech, it’s all about building solutions. Have a good attitude and don’t focus on what you think you can’t do. Rather, think about what you can do. 

Here at Matrix Applications, each of our team members embody these qualities and we are grateful for their unwavering efforts to improve our fintech products and services. These dedicated professionals have made the company what it is today. 


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