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A Few Words from Matrix Applications' Second-Year Intern

August 31, 2019

Hello Matrix Blog Readers!

My name is Colleen Judge and I am a rising senior at Elon University located in Elon, North Carolina. I am pursuing a Triple Major in Economics, Finance and Marketing. My decision to study these areas stemmed from my keen interest to pursue a career in the financial services industry.

It was not until my experience at Matrix Applications last summer that I realized how interconnected financial technology is within my industry of interest. I even reluctantly took on the challenge of a Computer Science course last semester, motivated by the desire to better educate myself on technology. While I have no intention of becoming a programmer, both my course and Matrix internship provided me with first-hand experience behind the complexity of technology and a deeper understanding of “tech” jargon.

I am nearing the end of my second-year interning for Matrix and cannot express my gratitude enough. I have been exposed to the vital role technology plays in the financial service industry, becoming familiar with the company’s various fintech products such as Margin Calculator and QTIX.

With a basic understanding of computer science along with finance/economic academic knowledge, I can better articulate the importance of Matrix’s products, all of which benefit fixed income capital markets. What has excited me most is my involvement with the company’s marketing & sales initiatives, working alongside my mentor, Stephen Mellert. As I reflect, the relationships I have made with Stephen and his colleagues are invaluable.

Every project I have been tasked with has clearly had a higher purpose: to facilitate my personal and professional growth while contributing to the success of the company. The lessons learned and knowledge gained here at Matrix are irreplaceable. It is hard to put into words the biggest takeaways from my internship because I experience new ones every day.

To name a few, I am now proficient in the customer relationship (CRM) software HubSpot to the extent that I am fully confident to teach the software’s capabilities to anyone, anywhere. My “creative side” has developed tremendously. Whether I am designing email campaigns, writing blog posts or creating graphic design images, I am constantly being challenged to take risks and let my creative juices flow. I have especially appreciated our “intern workshops” where Matrix employees give advice about investing in stocks, real estate and retirement, etc. In my opinion, this exemplifies how much Matrix truly cares about the interns and our future.

The advice I would give any intern is simple: do your best and ask questions. Come into work each day eager, ready to learn and willing to take on any task that comes your way. Realize that you have knowledgeable resources all around you – fellow employees. Be comfortable with expressing your questions and if you make a mistake, acknowledge it and be motivated to fix it. Embrace the fact that your internship is a learning process.

Finally, I want to emphasize my sincere gratitude for the unwavering kindness displayed by the Matrix Team each and every day. My experience would not have been what it is without the relationships I have built and the memories I now hold dearly.

Thanks for reading!

-Colleen Judge

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