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Allison Hosler's Internship Experience at Matrix Applications

9/9/21 12:02 PM

Hi Matrix Blog Readers, 

My name is Allison Hosler and I am entering my junior year at the University of Pennsylvania, where I am pursuing a dual-degree in Finance and Statistics in the Wharton School of Business and Computer Science in the School of Engineering.

Coming into this summer, I was looking for an opportunity to explore both the finance and technology industries and an internship at Matrix Applications seemed like the perfect intersection of the two.

Working at Matrix for the last three months has given me more insights into both of these industries than I could have ever imagined. This summer I worked primarily on data reconciliation and risk management solutions. I was given the opportunity to dive deeper into programming concepts I’d been introduced to in college like interacting with various networks and data structures. Given my interests in finance, I was really excited to apply these concepts to drive real-life trading solutions. I was exposed to the various stages and critical components in developing enterprise-grade applications like user-interface, cybersecurity, and product testing.

The most valuable aspect of this internship was the mentorship I received and the relationships I built. The mentorship I received was invaluable alongside the collaborative, team oriented nature of the firm. One of the highlights of my summer was working side by side with Tom Miller. His vast experience in financial services gave me an invaluable real-world education into the needs of our clients and a deeper understanding of the financial markets. I am beyond grateful for the time and energy that he and the rest of our team dedicated to making this summer such a fun and
educational experience.

- Allison Hosler

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