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Financial Technology and Liquidity Solutions for Hedge Funds

10/18/21 1:08 PM

Is your prime broker is squeezing your access to balance sheet for repo financing transactions? At Matrix Applications, we can advise on a few pathways to increased flexibility.

The number of large banks offering prime brokerage to hedge funds continues to decline. This trend is partly attributed to the bumper losses faced by a series of banks following the recent collapse of the family office Archegos this year.

An array of hedge funds are pushing for prime services and the momentum is picking up. In fact, the total number of firms using prime services is up by a third in the past seven years and total hedge portfolio holdings reached $4 trillion in 2021. These changes have begun to create a squeeze. Does your firm feel it?

If so, Matrix Applications offers financial technology solutions to assist hedge funds in the repo markets.

The seasoned team at Matrix can forge a pathway to increased liquidity through its systems, affiliates and trusted partners.

At Matrix Applications, we view our clients as partners because their success is our success.

Contact us at to learn more about the available options to better leverage your business.

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