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Justin Do's Internship Experience at Matrix Applications

August 2, 2021

Hi Matrix Blog Readers, 

I’m Justin Do, an upcoming senior at the University of Pittsburgh majoring in Computer Science. I have always been fascinated with the finance world, but never had a chance to incorporate this interest from my STEM degree until this summer. While I do not have my mind set on a single career path, my interest in the financial technology field has undeniably grown these past few months.

I found myself in this amazing position by a stroke of luck and quite similar to one of the past interns. I was working on a project outside on my porch and my neighbor, who happens to be my boss’ daughter, asked if I was looking for an internship this summer. We chatted and I got Tom Miller’s email and the rest is history.

This has been an amazing opportunity and I have gained a wealth of knowledge not only about what a developer does on a daily basis, but how a software development company operates. I was intimidated at first and did not know what to expect because this was my first internship with a team.


However, within the first day of working, my worries quickly washed away with the warm, welcoming environment that is Matrix Applications.

I have learned so much from Jason Walsh: from how developers operate to his way of attacking different problems. The technical skills I gained ranges over a few things: postgresql, javascript, git, and most of my work was in the Servoy environment.

Most of my work this summer was done on a proprietary Lemur Risk Application for equities securities lending. This was done in a technology called Servoy where I contributed different features and reworked different forms. These features were done in the graph view of the application and the rework came in the counterparty form. Having this hands on experience deepened my understanding of what it means to work in computer science.

Sadly, today is my last day and I can say without a doubt this has been the best summer I have ever had. The lessons I learned in my time at Matrix will help me wherever my career path takes me.

- Justin Do

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