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Managed Services at Matrix Applications

12/2/21 1:20 PM

Improve performance and reduce operational costs with Matrix Applications' Managed Services.

Matrix Applications offers an array of trade support functions, coupled with our fixed income systems, to assist you with your back-office operations. Gain greater command and control over your trade flows and position management by leveraging Matrix’s Managed Services for the back-office. Our comprehensive, customizable and modular systems – along with our Managed Services – augments your team’s capabilities.

Managed Services addresses the challenges of operational inefficiencies and reduces associated staffing costs. With Matrix focusing on the daily details, your team is freed up to focus on higher-value activities.

Key Benefits of Managed Services

  • Reduce Costs – Matrix provides a team of professionals with extensive experience at a fraction of the cost, allowing you to save money and focus on building your business.
  • Reduce Risk – Our network of seasoned professionals are prepared to navigate through any adverse situation presented to your business.
  • Service Levels – We work with each client to design a customized solution to meet their individual accounting, operational, regulatory and compliance requirements.
  • Speed to Market – The Matrix team will be instrumental in bringing your initiatives to market in a fraction of the time.
  • Quality Customer Support – We view our clients as partners and engage with them daily to raise our standards above their expectations because we understand that their success is our success.

The Matrix Mission 

Matrix Applications is a fintech leader in the capital markets, offering front-to-back support for firms both big and small. We utilize our industry and technological expertise to deliver simple solutions to complex problems. Our forward-thinking team aims to empower our clients to take advantage of an ever-changing landscape by being ahead of industry trends.

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