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Matrix Applications is a Proud Sponsor of CFA Society New York's New Year Market Outlook Conference

January 6, 2022

Matrix Applications is a proud supporter of CFA Society New York's New Year Market Outlook Conference. We hope to see you there on January 11th, 2022.

About CFA Society New York's New Year Market Outlook Conference

Financial managers and analysts can benefit from exploring the perspectives of established market participants, learning from different ways of thinking, and hearing about decisions that financial services professionals in other disciplines are making to prepare for the future. Attendees at this New Year Market Outlook event will hear from a diverse panel of experts as they examine the state of financial markets in a discussion format.

By applying this multifaceted approach, asset managers and analysts will be able to look at opportunities and risks not only in their own markets but also in other markets where overlap may not be immediately apparent. This event will help market participants challenge conventional thinking and gain a clearer understanding of major market factors going into 2022.

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About CFA Society New York

CFA Society New York was founded by a group of professionals that included Benjamin Graham, the “father of securities analysis” and one of the most influential men in the history of finance. Through generations of investment professionals, CFA Society New York remains steady as a leading forum for the investment community since 1937.

About Matrix Applications

Matrix Applications has been serving the asset management and regulated broker dealer market in the fixed income space for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on turn key applications that make trading and financing portfolio’s more efficient. We also are an alternative provider of operational servicing and support for our clients to keep their overhead/costs down while they focus on trading. Matrix Applications helps financial institutions work smarter. We are industry veterans and financial professionals who build collateral management and margining software that we—and you—actually love to use.

We are a New York-based fintech service bureau offering a suite of products and services to support institutional fixed income and equities securities lending. Matrix works with its clients to identify a blend of services to best fit their needs, from systems to back office operations to bespoke coded software solutions. Schedule a demo today!

About MarginCalculator

MarginCalculator is a simple web-based solution to the complex problem of margining forward-settling trades, particularly TBAs, specified pools, ARMs and CMOs. It’s a utility that helps you calculate your exposure due to market value fluctuations of unsettled positions, as well as margin collateral and cash posted to mitigate such exposures. With it, you’ll be able to compute your margin, control your risk, and comply with Rule 4210 at the right price.

Connect With Us

We can answer your questions about our systems and back office services:
  • TradeBlazer: An enterprise grade system integrating fixed income trading, collateral management, and settlement functionality for banks, broker-dealers, funds and asset managers.
  • QTIX: A modularized, seasoned securities finance solution for broker / dealers, asset managers and banks in the fixed income capital markets.
  • MarginCalculator: A web-based, interactive margin workflow platform for daily margining of covered agency transactions. FINRA Rule 4210 will be a hot topic in 2021-2022!
  • Managed Services: An array of trade support functions, coupled with our fixed income systems, to assist with back-office operations.

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