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Testimonials from Matrix Applications Employees

4/27/22 12:06 PM

At Matrix Applications, we are proud of our collaborative and innovative company culture. Here are some of the replies we received when we asked employees why they love working with us:

I feel lucky to have landed at such a unique place to start my professional career. The one thing that has stuck out to me the most about Matrix is the work environment. The company culture is collaborative, process-driven and creative. It has been inspiring to witness the amount of care and dedication put into the systems and services that Matrix offers. Everyone truly cares about what we do and it excites me to be part of such an experienced and passionate team.

 nolan_blog-2 - Nolan Bay

I'm very proud to be a part of the Matrix team. My time here has been nothing short of amazing. I get to work on challenging problems with industry experts every day. It's always a pleasure to be able to help our customers succeed while also helping the team learn and grow. There are plenty of opportunities for individual growth,  alongside our exciting and compelling company mission. One of the key reasons why working at Matrix is so enjoyable is our culture of transparency, honesty, integrity and inclusion. We accomplish this by operating from a simple, basic principle: Always, just do the right thing. Do the right thing by our own co-workers and teammates and do the right thing by our customers. We strive to be a learning organization, always looking to improve our work and ways of working. I think this has been a main contributor to our success, while also creating a fun, exciting, and meaningful place to work. Something exciting and special is happening here at Matrix Applications!

jasonwalsh - Jason Walsh

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