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Emmaline Chen Clears the ISACA IT Audit Fundamentals Certification

Colleen Judge
1/10/24 2:13 PM

Emmaline Chen Clears the ISACA IT Audit Fundamentals Certification (2)

Matrix Applications is pleased to share that Emmaline Chen, our Technology and Cybersecurity Audit Associate, has obtained the ISACA IT Audit Fundamentals Certification. This achievement marks another benchmark in Emmaline’s growth as an auditor, demonstrating her commitment to upholding the highest standards in information security by furthering her education.

The ISACA IT Audit Fundamentals Certification builds a foundation of knowledge and skill to become a successful IT auditor. The certificate covers fundamental audit concepts, how to use controls effectively to objectively conduct an audit and the practical application of audit principles. It also allows individuals to gain insight into the principles of IT audit by providing the opportunity to build that foundation. In obtaining the certification, one learns six critical functions that benefit rising IT professionals and individuals looking to upskill.

The certificate requires no prerequisites and after passing the ISACA IT Audit Fundamentals exam, individuals will have proven their knowledge of IT audit technology, concepts, general practices and applications of audit principles. The skills learned through obtaining this certification can be used to improve an individual’s skills as an auditor and allow them to become successful in their career.

Congratulations, Emmaline!

Uday Kulkarni, Compliance Officer at Matrix Applications, commented, “Congratulation on this wonderful achievement, Emmaline! We are proud to have you on our team and excited to watch you continue to grow as an auditor.”

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