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FINRA Rule 4210 October 26, 2022 Deadline

March 2, 2022

FINRA has filed a rule to extend the effective date of Rule 4210 Covered Agency Transactions from April 26, 2022 to October 26, 2022.

 The new deadline for Rule 4210 compliance was filed with immediate effectiveness by FINRA:

…however, the Commission has stated that, in accordance with Rule 431(e) of the Commission’s Rules of Practice, the delegated action approving the Proposed Amendments is stayed until the Commission orders otherwise. FINRA believes it is appropriate, in the interest of regulatory clarity, to adjust the implementation of the requirements pursuant to SR-FINRA-2015-036 pending further action by the Commission on the Proposed Amendments. As such, FINRA is proposing to extend the April 26, 2022 implementation date to October 26, 2022."

Click here to read the announcement. 

So in plain English, the amendments to Rule 4210 have been approved, but the SEC has issued a stay until some issues are resolved. 

So What?

This means that the clock is ticking to get your plan in place to comply to FINRA Rule 4210 this year. MarginCalculator is the cost-effective, simple solution for you. The time to prepare is now and not when the stay is lifted.  Call us to schedule a demo!

About MarginCalculator 


All broker dealers must measure and manage exposure on forward settling transactions. The rules, exceptions and exemptions are complex. Factors involving securities, counterparties, valuation and thresholds require layers of decision analysis. Participants trading in Covered Agency markets need a robust way to compute, validate and record new margin calls, ultimately ensuring compliance with new the rules and regulations.

MarginCalculator is a web-based, interactive margin workflow platform for daily margining of covered agency transactions. We help you compute and validate margin requirements based on our decision analysis for exemptions and exceptions.

We help you compute and validate margin requirements based on a decision analysis for exemptions and exceptions. You maintain control with interactive monitors displaying aggregated exposure by counterparty and we inform you when margin is and is not required. We record activity and allow you to send margin call emails directly from the screen. Our simplified and cost-effective margin workflow platform will help you comply with regulations.

Want to learn more about our MarginCalculator solution that lets you compute, control and comply?

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