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Matrix Applications Employee Testimonials

November 2, 2021

At Matrix Applications, our team thrives on working with our customers and with each other. Check out what our employees have to say about their experience at Matrix Applications:

Having close to 15 years under my belt in the financial services industry, I can say with absolute certainty that Matrix is an incredibly unique place that I am proud to call home. My first year at Matrix has shown me that our team is talented and hardworking, but most of all really cares. It's empowering and refreshing to know that my opinion matters, my efforts don’t go unnoticed and that I am considered not only a valuable team member, but also family. The collaborative effort at Matrix is truly remarkable and something that I haven’t experienced at any other firm I have worked for. I really can’t imagine being anywhere else at this point. I feel lucky to have landed at such a special place.

jesse     - Jesse Eberle

It is a very rare opportunity to find a company that not only says it prides itself on having an open, welcoming environment, but also upholds those sentiments every single day. From top level management to new hires, the entire team at Matrix promotes new ideas, innovation and dedication to getting the job done. Matrix’s commitment to an inclusive company culture translates to how they treat each and every customer—like an esteemed team member with valuable insights to share.

headshots     - Dean Apostolico

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