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FINRA Rule 4210 Effective Date

November 18, 2021

FINRA has moved the January 26, 2022 Interim Effective Date for Rule 4210 to April 26, 2022.

According to FINRA, the Effective Date is extended to provide the SEC more time to review and approve the Rule's filing for the amendments proposed in May 2021.

Recent FINRA filings indicate that FINRA still intends to announce a final Effective Date that would be 9-10 months from when the SEC approves the Rule's amendment.

FINRA has proposed amendments to the requirements of SR-FINRA-2015-036 (the “Proposed Amendments”).10 This rulemaking is ongoing. FINRA believes it is appropriate, in the interest of regulatory clarity, to adjust the implementation of the requirements pursuant to SR-FINRA-2015-036 so as to permit time for the Commission to take action on the Proposed Amendments. As such, FINRA is proposing to extend the January 26, 2022 implementation date to April 26, 2022, which date FINRA may propose to further adjust as appropriate in a separate rule filing pending any Commission action on the Proposed Amendments.

This means that the clock is ticking to get your plan in place to comply to FINRA Rule 4210. At Matrix Applications, we can help you prepare with MarginCalculator

About MarginCalculator 


MarginCalculator is a web-based margin workflow platform designed to solve the problem of margining forward-settling trades like TBAs, specified pools, ARMs and CMOs. With it, you’ll be able to compute your margin, control your risk, and comply with Rule 4210.

MarginCalculator’s workspace identifies counterparty exposure and outstanding margin. It also allows you to email margin notices with a single click.

You can customize your counterparties based on your MSFTA agreements and automatically upload your trades. Securities are priced through our partners at ICE Data Services and are created automatically using eMBS.

MarginCalculator even provides easy access to over 25 reports in PDF or Excel format.

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