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Regional Dealer Uses MarginCalculator to Comply with FINRA Rule 4210

Colleen Judge
1/25/24 3:21 PM

Learn how our clients have implemented Matrix Applications' MarginCalculator to generate regulatory compliance and success:

Client Story

Regional Dealer Uses MarginCalculator to  Comply with FINRA Rule 4210


A regional Dealer was transacting in Covered Agency Transactions (TBAs) subject to FINRA Rule 4210 but the system used by their correspondent clearing firm did not offer much by way of tracking margin. The Dealer needed a tool to measure, monitor, and mitigate exposure and manage margin calls on their forward settling transactions.


Matrix Applications enhanced its MarginCalculator system to extract the necessary information from correspondent clearer’s Standard Files to feed MarginCalculator. The Dealer just runs a simple script and MarginCalculator is populated with the right data.


The regional dealer implemented MarginCalculator in a matter of days because of the standardization and is now able to effectively and efficiently comply to FINRA Rule 410 by leveraging the correspondent clearer's standard files through the seamless use of MarginCalculator.

About MarginCalculator

MarginCalculator is a web-based, interactive margin workflow platform for daily margining of covered agency transactions. We help you compute and validate margin requirements based on our decision analysis for exemptions and exceptions.

About Matrix Applications

Matrix Applications is a New York-based fintech service bureau that offers a suite of collateral management, margining and clearing systems for institutional fixed income trading. We are a team of capital markets and systems professionals delivering financial technology solutions to institutional firms since 2000. We work hands-on with our clients to identify an optimal mix of services to best fit their needs, from systems to back office operations assistance. With in-house and off-shore developers, we provide our clients with the right solution at the right price. Every day. Without fail.

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